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A Complete Guide to a Vegan Diet

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  • 14Steps
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Have you noticed how often the vegan lifestyle is coming up in conversations lately? You probably know someone who's vegetarian or vegan, or perhaps you're just curious about going meat-free yourself. So, what's all the buzz about? People choose to go vegan for many personal reasons. Some are deeply passionate about animal welfare and want to spread awareness about cruelty-free living. While some vegan advocates might come across strongly, it's important to understand that everyone's diet is a personal choice. In today's world, we have the luxury of choosing what we eat, including the option to eliminate meat safely. More ethical farming practices are being adopted thanks to animal welfare groups' efforts. Even if you're not ready to go fully vegan, it's possible to make informed choices about where your food comes from and its impact. Whether you're here to learn more about veganism or you're ready to dive into a vegan lifestyle, this book is your guide. You'll learn the basics of going vegan and discover how it can benefit your body, mind, and the environment. What’s included? * You’ll receive 10 high-quality, in-depth videos that mirror the content of the text-based guide. These videos are designed to make learning easier and help you implement changes quickly. * The Complete Guide to a Vegan Diet PDF eBook too, if you prefer to sit quietly and read. * A 30-day Vegan Journey Journal to document your mind/body Check-ins, achievements and favourite recipes. * A cheat sheet because we all like to cheat a little to get ahead. * A bonus - an invaluable eBook 'Your Guide To Vegan Cooking', with valuable info to set up your pantry, replacement ingredients, special nutritional considerations, and some recipes too. Investment details Think of this as an investment, not a cost. It really isn't more expensive to go vegan - think how much meat costs! It’s designed to pay for itself many times over - and more so if you grow your own produce.

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