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Haunting Sciatica Flare-Up

Life has thrown a little sciatica flare-up my way, and it’s been quite a challenge to manage. If you’ve ever dealt with sciatica, you know how persistent and painful it can be. My flare-up is a reminder of an old horse riding accident from my teenage years that still haunts me.

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I’ve tried everything from hip openers (yoga), Pilates, walking, biking, swimming, massage, heat bags, ice packs, over-the-counter meds, prescription meds, and even acupuncture. Despite all my efforts, the discomfort persists.  Sometimes you just have to let it be and rely on the body to heal itself in its own time. 

For those of you who experience these flare-ups, I truly empathise. It’s tough to keep going when you need to rest but can't afford much downtime. It may also be psychosomatic where emotional memories are held in the muscles. In times like these, I find solace in digital therapies such as meditation, exercise videos, journaling and working through self-growth planners. In our last newsletter, I mentioned the importance of balancing the good and the bad in life. This experience has reminded me of that lesson once again.

On a brighter note, I’m excited to introduce a new digital therapy called the "Moon Planner Journal." This charming planner encourages you to embark on a journey to awaken your true self and bring your dreams to life. It’s designed to ignite your potential and help you achieve your aspirations. Each phase of the moon guides you through a unique process of growth and transformation, helping you tap into your hidden strengths and craft a life filled with purpose, joy, and positivity.

You can either purchase the Moon Planner or join our membership to access it, and many other digital therapies for an affordable monthly fee.

I was planning to talk about 'hygge', but I wanted to share a bit about my current struggles to show you are not alone. Life isn’t always smooth sailing, as many might portray. We all have our ups and downs, and that’s why I created Balance & Being.

Our community is here to offer support, positive input, and connection, making our lives a little easier and less lonely. When you join, you’ll have access to an exclusive, private group space in the program plan. You can interact, collaborate, and build connections with like-minded individuals, sharing and learning together.

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