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Reduce your pain level naturally - go vegan

Hi there,

I've been busy adding new digital therapies every week, and I want to share one that really resonates with me: 'A Complete Guide to a Vegan Diet' course.

Just over a year ago, I committed to a vegan diet due to health issues. My muscle and joint pain wasn’t improving, and I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This condition is tough to diagnose since there’s no specific test for it.

Symptoms include muscle pain and sensitivity, difficulty exercising, and heightened sensitivity overall. While some days are better than others, pain medication, mindful exercises, and gentle yoga or Pilates can help manage it.

My previous diet was fairly balanced with vegetables, carbs like rice and potatoes, gluten-free products, and animal products. I didn’t think much about animal products until I learned more about the antibiotics, hormones, and anti-fungicides used in farming. If you haven’t seen 'What the Health,' I highly recommend it—it’s a real eye-opener.

After my diagnosis, I turned to natural healing and found a video of an Australian man who overcame fibromyalgia through veganism. Inspired by his story, I decided to give it a try. After my last BBQ, I went cold turkey vegan. The transformation was incredible! Within two weeks, my constipation disappeared, my focus improved, I felt internally "clean," my pain decreased significantly, and I began to feel significantly better.

A year later, I've remained mostly vegan, despite the limited options for vegan restaurants in my area, and I still experience the benefits. While I don’t think fibromyalgia will completely go away, I’m at least 90% more comfortable and can enjoy long walks and exercising without fear. As a nutritionist, I’m aware of potential deficiencies, so I had a full blood workup after the year—everything was normal, including my B12 levels - without supplements!

I made sure I was eating a spreadable yeast extract, nutritional yeast, and plant-based yoghurts which were fortified especially with B12. I also made sure I had a 'rainbow' diet which consisted of at least 3 bright colours like carrots, and dark greens including different flavoured salad leaves, beetroot and avocados.

With this in mind, in my membership program, I want to make your health and wellness plant-based journey easier through a course called 'A Complete Guide to a Vegan Diet.' It includes videos, and it's PDF format book if you prefer reading, a 30-day Vegan Journey Journal, and a bonus 'Your Guide to Vegan Cooking' eBook. By focusing on plant-based foods, you can truly improve your pain and overall health.

Document your vegan journey with this 30-day digital/printable journal!

digital journal with a buddha bowl containing tofu, butternut, salad greens, seeds
my vegan journey journal

Take care, and I hope you find this helpful!


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